What You Need to Know About Free Hosting

Posted on February 24, 2012
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Free hosting sounds great. Who wouldn’t want to get something for free, instead of having to pay? Still, you often get what you pay for, and free doesn’t give you a lot of the perks that paid hosting provides.

Free Can be Good

If you only have a small site that you use to blog, or you just want something for family and friends to see, then you can certainly use a free host. When you need more, though, it’s time to check out a hostgator review or two, so you can consider what paid hosting can offer to you.

Getting Something for Nothing Isn’t Always Better

As you read a hostgator review, or a review of any other hosting company, you’ll see that free doesn’t always give you what you need. If you’re using a company where you have to pay for hosting, you’ll get more than you’ll get with a company that doesn’t charge you for hosting.

Consider carefully what you need and want from a hosting plan, so you can decide if something free works for you, or if you need more. Having a paid hosting plan may be the better choice, overall.


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